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Official Beatle World Timeline
June 8th, 1964 - September 21st, 1964

-June 8, Monday, 1964. 9:56pm. Hotel in Amsterdam (John, Paul)
June 8, Monday, 1964. 10:30pm. Hotel roof in Amsterdam (John, Paul) NC-17
- June 8th, 1964, 10:35 PM, University College Hospita (Ringo, George)
- 9:53am Thursday, June 11th. Sheraton Hotel King Cross, Australia (John, Paul, George)
- June 11th, Thursday. 11:45 pm. Sheraton Hotel, Australia (John, Paul) NC-17
June 14th, Sunday, 1:15pm. Airplane from Adelaide to Melbourne (John, Paul, George)
- June 14, Sunday, 2:26pm. Hotel, Melbourne (John, Paul, George, Ringo, Brian)
- June 14, Sunday, 8:23 pm. Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne (John, Paul) NC-17
June 17th, Wednesday, 11:53 P.M. Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne {Brian, John) NC-17
June 18, Tuesday. 10:02pm. Sheraton Hotel, Australia (John, Paul, George, Ringo, Brian)
- June 18, Tuesday. 11:27pm. Sheraton Hotel, John's room, Australi (John, Paul) NC-17
June 21st, Sunday, 9.30pm, A posh hotel, Waikiki, Hawaii (Brian, John, Paul)
- June 21, Sunday, 8:55pm. Hotel in Wellington, New Zealan (George, Paul) NC-17
June 22nd, Monday, 3pm. A hotel, Wellington, NZ (Brian, George, John) NC-17
June 22nd, Monday, 7pm. Concert venue, Wellington, NZ (John, Paul, George, Ringo, Brian)
- June 30th, Wednesday, 7:01am. Plane to London (John, Paul, George, Ringo, Brian)NC-17
July 3rd, Friday, 1:05 P.M., Whaddon House in Knightsbridge, London (Brian, George, John)
- July 3rd, 11:45pm, Friday, Pattie's flat in London (George, Pattie) NC-17
- July 3rd, Friday, 6:45pm , Whaddon House in Knightsbridg(Brian, Paul)
July 4th. Saturday, 11:33. George's apartment(George, Paittie)

- July 5th, Sunday , 5:30am, Whaddon House in Knightsbridge, London (George, Paul)
- July 5th. Sunday. 4:07 P.M. John's House. (Brian, John)
July 5th. Sunday. 6:10 P.M. George's Apartment(George, John, Paul)
July 5th. Sunday. 8:27 P.M. John's House. (John, Paul)
-July 5th, Sunday, 10:16pm. Car to Kenwood (John, Paul)NC-17
- July 5th. Sunday. 10:45 P.M. Brian's Apartment. (Brian, George)NC-17
- July 6th, 8pm. London Pavilion- (Brian, Cynthia, George, John, Pattie, Paul, Ringo)
-July 6th, Monday, 9:56 P.M., a coat room in the London Pavilion (George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-July 6th, Monday, 10:00 P.M., Small office in the London Pavilion (Bob Dylan, Cynthia)
-July 6th, Monday, 10.15pm. Cinema, London Pavilion. (Brian, John, George, Pattie, Paul, Ringo)
-July 6th, Monday, 11pm. Limo to Dorchester Hotel,(Brian, John, George, Pattie, Paul, Ringo)
-July 6th, Monday, 11:22 P.M., Dorchester Hotel bathroom(Brian, John)
-July 6, Monday, 11:28 P.M.Dorchester Hotel(Brian, Cynthia, Derek, George, John, Pattie, Paul, Ringo)
-July 7th , After midnight, Somewhere in the Dorchester Hotel(Bob Dylan, Cynthia)
-July 7, Tuesday 1:45 A.M.Waddon House George and Ringo's Flat(George, Ringo)
-July 7, Tuesday 2:38 A.M.Whaddon House(Brian, George)
-July 7th, 5:45 A.M., John's House(Cynthia, John)
-July 7, Tuesday 10:08 A.M.Whaddon House. Brian's flat.(Brian, George)NC-17
-11:00 AM, July 7, Jaguar Dealership in Mayfair(Brian, George)NC-17
-5:50 PM, July 7, Whaddon House, George and Ringo's Flat.(George, Ringo)
-July 10, 1964, Liverpool Airport, 5:10(Brian, Derek, Paul)
-6:07pm, July 10th, Friday. Limo to Town Hall, Liverpool(George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-10pm, July 11th. Brian's flat, Whaddon House, London(Brian, Derek)
-10:30pm, July 11th. George and Ringo's flat, Whaddon House, London (George, Paul)
-11:30pm, July 11, Pattie's apartment(Pattie, George)
-7:15 pm, July 12, 1964 On the Road to Brighton(Brian, George, John, Pattie, Paul, Ringo)
-July 12th 9:38 P.M., Paul's Flat(Brian, John, Paul)
-9:00 am July 13, 1964. St. Stephen's Hospital, London(Brian, George)
-July 15, 3:30pm, Ringo and George's flat(George, Pattie, Ringo)
-July 16, 1964 10:15 am. NEMS Offices, London(Brian, George) NC-17
-July 16, 1964. 1pm. NEMS Enterprises, Argyll Street, London.(Brian, Derek)
-July 17, 1964 11:23am, the Lennons' house(Cynthia, Maureen)
-2:15 pm ,July 23, 1964 Kenwood, London.(George, John)
-3:34pm, July 23, Wimpole Street, Marylebone(Jane, John, Paul)
-6:53 pm, July 23, A Restaurant(Cynthia, Jane, Maureen, Pattie)
-4:56pm, July 23, Car to anywhere(John, Paul)NC-17
-10:34 pm. July 29, 1964. Whaddon House, London(George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-2:45 Am July 30th, 1964. Ringo' bedroom. Whaddon House, London(George, Ringo)NC-17
-11:45 A.M. July 30th, George's Bedroom, Whaddon House, London(George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-7 August 1964. 2 pm. Brian Epstein's Flat, Whaddon House, London.(Brian, Derek)
-7 August 1964. 9 pm. George and Ringo's Flat, Whaddon House, London.(George, Derek)
-10 August, 1964. 11am. The Priory, Roehampton, London.(Brian, Derek)
-August 11th, 10:24 A.M., Kitchen at Kenwood(Cynthia, John)
-August 11th, 7:23pm. Abbey Road Studios(Brian, George, Paul, Ringo, John)
-10:00pm August 11, 1964. Pattie's flat. London(Pattie, George)
-4:15 am, August 12th, 1964. Asher's Home. London(George, Paul)
-August 12, 1964. 9pm. Brian's flat.(Brian, Cyn, Derek, George, Jane, Paul, John, Mo, Pattie, Ringo)
-10:30 pm, August 12, 1964. Table 1: Whaddon House, London.(Cynthia, Derek, John, Pattie, Paul)
-10:30 pm, August 12, 1964. Table 2: Whaddon House, London.(Brian, George, Jane, Maureen, Ringo)
-August 12, 1964. 11pm. Dance floor.(Brian, George, Pattie, Paul, Jane, Ringo, Maureen, Cynthia)
-August 12, 1964. 11.30pm. Downstairs from the dance floor.(Brian, George, Pattie, Ringo, John, Paul)
-August 12, 1964. 11:50pm. Brian's room, Whaddon House, London.(John, Paul)NC-17
-August 12, 1964. 11.30pm. Table 1, On the Roof.(George, Pattie, Maureen, Cynthia, Jane)
-2:00 am Augst 13, 1964. Downstairs, Whaddon House. London(George, Ringo)
-August 13th, 2:30 AM, George and Ringo's flat, Whaddon house(George, Ringo)NC-17
-August 13th, 4am. Whaddon House, London.(Brian, Peter Brown)NC-17
-August 13th. 2:30 P.M. Kenwood.(Brian, Cynthia, John)
-August 15th. 3.20pm. Liberty's of London, Great Marlborough Street.(Brian, Jane)
-5:30 pm. August 15th, 1964. George and Ringo's flat, Whaddon House, London. (George, Peter Brown)
-August 16, 1964. 11pm. Train somewhere near Sheffield.(Brian, George)
-August 17th, 1964. 11am. NEMS offices, Argyll Street, London.(Brian, Peter Brown)
-August 18, 1964. 5pm. At LAX.(Brian, George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-August 18th, Tuesday. 5:29am. Plane to San Francisco(Brian, George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-August 18th, 1964. 9:29 am. Plane to San Francisco(George, Pattie)
-August 19th, Wednesday. 2:00 am. Maureen's Apartment.(Maureen, Ringo)
-August 19, 1964. 8pm. Cow Palace, San Francisco.(Brian, George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-August 21, Friday 12:00am. Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada(Jane, Paul)
-August 21, Friday 12:00 am. Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.(George, John)NC-17
-August 21, Friday 12:45 am. Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian's Room  (Brian, George)
-August 22, 10pm - Kenwood(Bob Dylan, Cynthia)
-August 22, Saturday, 10:45 pm. Hotel in Vancouver. (Paul, Ringo)
-August 23, 1964 - 12:30 a.m. (Cynthia, John)
-8:00 pm August 23, 1964. The Connaught Hotel ,London.(Pattie, Peter Brown, Cynthia, Jane, Maureen)
-August 26, Wednesday. 3:34pm. Whiskey a Go Go, Hollywood.(George, John, Paul, Ringo)
-August 27 1964 12:00 am. Hotel in Denver, Colorado.(George, Pattie)
-August 27th, Thursday. 12:06am. Hotel in Denver.(Paul, Ringo)
-August 27, 1964 12:15 am. Hotel in Denver, Colorado.(George, John)
-August 27th,1964 2:15 am. Hotel in Denver, Col. USA(George, Paul, Ringo)NC-17
-August 28th, Friday. 1:15am. Hotel in Cincinnati. (George, John, Paul)NC-17
-August 28th, Friday 1:30 am, Hotel in Cincinnati(George, Ringo)NC-17
-August 28th, Friday. 9:34pm. Delmonico Hotel, New York (Bob Dylan, Brian, George, Paul, Ringo, John)
-August 28th, Friday. 5:15 am. Peter's Flat. London, England.(Brian, Peter Brown)
-August 28th, Friday. 2:24pm. Delmonico Hotel, New York (George, Pattie)
-August 30th, 11:12pm. Hotel in Atlanta City, Georgia.(Jane, Paul)NC-17
August 28th, Friday. 2:53pm. Delmonico Hotel, New York (Brian, George)

-August 28th, 5:03pm. Delmonico Hotel, New York (Maureen, Ringo)
-5:35 pm. August 30, 1964. Atlantic City, New Jersey. Hotel. (Brian, George)
- September 3, 5:02pm. Indianapolis, Indiana. Press Conference. (John, Paul, George, Ringo)
-7:35 p.m. September 5th, Wimpole Street, London. (Jane, Maureen, Pattie)
-September 12, 1:13pm Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts  (John, Paul)NC-17
-11:45 pm September 12, 1964. Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts (George, Pattie)
-11:14 a.m. September 14, 1964. Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.(Brian, John)
-5pm 21st September - Kenwood (Cynthia, Jane, Maureen, Pattie)
-7:45 pm September 21, 1964 Plane going home to England.  (Brian, John, George, Paul, Ringo)
- September 21, 1964. London Airport, England(Brian, Peter Brown)

Alrighty, so means that the thread is still active and is updated

means that the thread has ended and is no longer updated

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